Safety Switch Protection Training (SSPT)


Regional Proving Grounds, LLC (RPG) specializes in realistic instruction for public safety, healthcare, corporate, governmental, academic, and personal security environments. 

...I have a fairly extensive history in martial arts, but you have a strong curriculum where even someone with a fair amount of experience can learn something.  Your training put another tool in my tool box and I just want to pass along that I appreciate it, as well as look forward to your next training session with us.

- Logan, EMS Paramedic / Central North Carolina

EDS is a defensive control system designed for EMS and healthcare professionals that focuses on bio-mechanical advantages and transitions in force options to provide a strong overall control outcome when forced to defend oneself against active/assaultive resistance.

Essential Defensive Skills (EDS) 

The Combat Officer Protective System (COPS) connects self-protection, force application, subject control, cognitive readiness, legal integration, and functional fitness in a way that provides police officers, regardless of fitness level, prior training or combative experience with critical skills for immediate integration and application.

Safety Switch Protection Training is a civilian self-protection program that focuses on technical skill, mental readiness, focused intensity and grit.  This structured training program moves participants from empty-hands defense to handgun confidence for moments of intense crisis as a SAFETY SWITCH for life protection.

the standard of excellence in public safety and personal security training 

Combat Officer Protective

Systems (COPS) 

New seminar dates for COPS Training just added

January 21-22

February 11-12

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