J. "Eric" Preddy

​Owner/Lead Instructor

A dedicated professional with 23 years of progressive law enforcement experience.  Eric currently serves as the Director of Field Operations for the Morrisville Police Department and President of the North Carolina Tactical Officers' Association.  Eric holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Education from Old Dominion University.  Eric has worked extensively with State and local law enforcement agencies in subject-matter training, realistic program design, and leadership education. Eric has also partnered with State universities and community colleges to bring subject-matter training to meet area needs.  Eric specializes in virtual and live-actor simulation training.  Eric has developed a variety of full-scale exercises to test and evaluate agency capabilities and was instrumental in developing the driving philosophy in reality-based training for the Raleigh Police Department.  Eric possesses demonstrated abilities in Use-of-Force decision-making, emergency planning and response, active threat response, tactical readiness, life protection skill development, and leadership training.

Garrett L. Macario

Program Coordinator/Instructor II

Involved in scenario training for over 13 years, Garrett brings a wealth of civilian and law enforcement training experience, from the local to the federal level.  With an extensive physical fitness and combatives background, Garrett helps his clients connect the mind, body and the weapon system.  Proficient in edged, impact, pistol and empty hand techniques, Garrett loves to test his students against the strongest and best trained adversary, teaching how to prevail, rather than survive. Garrett is our program coordinator.  Contact him with your idea for training and he will make it a reality! 

Our team brings their vast public safety experience to the table to assist you, your organization or your family with attaining your respective goals in safety and security. Train with those who devote their lives to the safety and protection of others. From the mind to the hand to the weapon, we train you!

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The Team


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Who We Are

Regional Proving Grounds, LLC specializes in developing programs that meet the specific needs of our clients.  Whether your focus is in skill development or scenario-based practicums that reinforce and/or test organizational/individual capabilities, our goal is to provide quality training to meet your organizational goals.

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Michael Macario 'Mac'

Lead Instructor

The Senior Training Officer at a large metropolitan police training center, Mac brings a combined 25+ years of self defense, combatives, weapons and police experience to his clients. His goal in life is simple: help you protect yourself, your family and our children from the threats in society.  'Self Defense for Everyone' is Mac's creation, helping you take your safety from the mind, through the hand to the weapon.  All techniques are lawful, practical and effective for everyone, regardless of age, physical ability or prior experience.  The product of great teachers, Mac is ready to work with you, your family and your organization.