RPG uniquely prepares individuals for real-world possibilities by building experience and expertise in essential skills for self-protection.  Training programs are contextual-based and principally designed to provide students with relevant information and techniques to effectively manage a violent encounter.  Our commitment is to prepare and empower you to effectively and efficiently recognize and respond to situations where violence or the threat of violence is imminent. 


Regional Proving Grounds, LLC offers a wide variety of safety programs to citizens, businesses, schools, hospitals, churches and many more.  These programs provide the corporate and civilian communities with training in active threat awareness, violent encounter response, and  personal protection.  These programs draw on lessons learned from actual events and the discussions, research, and best practices that have emerged as outcomes.  Important information is shared related to the nature of the phenomenon.  The program then advances the participant from preparation and prevention to response and recovery.  The training received offers a chain of survival linking one’s personal protection plan with prevention and response strategies that will aid you should you find yourself in the wake of such an event.

The RPG Team is committed to personal safety and survival.