Module Design:  Training will involve a combination of classroom and hands-on experience.  The prevailing theme of EDS is ‘Action over Reaction: Getting Ahead of a Potential Attack.’  This includes establishing a mindset for the training, building reflexive and reflective thought and action.  Simple techniques are taught and built upon to move participants toward an attainable goal of disengagement and/or protection.  Participants learn skills that are principally-based rather than memorized or choreographed.  Scenario testing highlights the participant’s achievements!  Each participant will leave the training with a tangible set of skills and a renewed sense of confidence in their abilities to control difficult and potentially violent encounters.

Program Description:  The Essential Defensive Skills program is designed as a principle-based defensive system for EMS and healthcare providers.  The primary goal of the system is to achieve safe disengagement against a combative, threatening, or non-compliant aggressive patient.  Situational awareness and teamwork serve as the foundation from which defensive techniques are applied to maximize the safety and security of EMS or healthcare personnel.  Physical techniques are centered on the "backpacking sequence", a proven safe-restraint technique. While police intervention and/or disengagement are the primary goals in potentially violent situations, the reality may force providers to protect themselves from an imminent assault.  This program teaches responders how to gain a bio-mechanical advantage against the aggressor to safely disengage or buy critical time for intervention.  


Program Structure:  The EDS is program is delivered in modules to progressively move participants from basic concept to high-level application.  Module I sets the foundation for our philosophies and skills.  Module II introduces the concept of "cognitive readiness" and reinforces defensive decision-making through practical application.  Module III introduces pre-assault cue indication and de-escalation techniques.  Module IV tests the participants knowledge, skills, and abilities through a series of "micro-scenarios".  EDS - Basic is an 16-hour supplemental course for Academy-based EMS programs.  This course provides an overview of Modules I - IV.