The program is delivered in iterations weekly.  Techniques are reinforced through deliberate practice within specific contexts that exercise critical decision-making.  One-day and two-day seminars are conducted for those unable to attend regular training sessions.  The seminars are high-intensity and focus on the fundamentals of our S.S.P.T. program.  Class dates, times, locations for 2019 will be made available through our website soon.

Safety Switch Protection Training

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Safety Switch Protection Training

Safety Switch Protection Training is a civilian self-protection program that focuses on technical skill, mental readiness, focused intensity and grit.  This structured training program moves participants from empty-hands defense to handgun confidence for moments of intense crisis as a SAFETY SWITCH for life protection.


  • Trademarked 'Backpacking' Sequence for Empty Hand Protection
  • Intermediate Impact Weapons Training
  • Edged Weapon Training
  • ​Handgun Combatives​​​​​ (Draw, Retention, & Deployment) under stress​​
  • Lawful, practical self-protection skills that ANYONE can learn​
  • Concealed Handgun Carry Readiness Training
  • Shoot/No Shoot Training Scenarios
  •  Transition From Empty Hand to Pistol
  •  Force on Force decision-making scenarios