Our Purpose: Regional Proving Grounds is built upon three pillars: RESEARCH; TRAINING; CONSULTING.

Research is fundamental to understanding the physical and psychological underpinnings of high-stress encounters.  Research gives us the knowledge to develop training that is relevant in context and effective in application.  Research also helps us identify gaps, explore new ideas, techniques, and best practices.  Training gives us the opportunity to share this knowledge with others and challenge our participants in ways that "puts the lesson before the test".  Consulting gives us the opportunity to respond to others in need when they realize that a potential problem exists.  We can partner with them to identify the problem, analyze the event(s) and conditions that gave rise to the problem, outline interventions and recommendations, and assess outcomes of new strategies.

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Our Mission: To provide quality public safety and personal protection training in a way that prepares others for the "POSSIBILITY".  

The Regional Proving Grounds team is comprised of subject-matter experts and world-class trainers dedicated to enhancing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of those who hold the line and serve as guardians to their community.  The team is committed to research, development, and delivery of best practices.  Our training programs focus on human behavior, movement, and reaction to rapidly evolving encounters where the threat of violence is imminent.