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discuss/practice deployment of immediate actions during an attack

What is Crisis Intervention Training Essentials?

Our Active Threat/Simulation Training program draws upon lessons learned from actual active shooter/assailant events and the discussions, research, and best practices that emerged from these events.  We offer additional simulation packages that move participants through immediate actions during an attack. 

Our Workplace Violence Training program gives you tools to recognize and respond to workplace violence. 

Workplace Violence Training

Your ability to protect yourself and your team is defined by three things: Your skill-set (what you can actually do to protect yourself), your mindset (mental preparation for a crisis encounter), and your heart-set (that non-negotiable thing in your life that no threat will get in the way of).  When you combine all three, you have a formidable ability to protect.  You have an ABSOLUTE RIGHT to protect yourself from assault on the job!  So, if you knew you would be fighting for your life tomorrow, would you do something different today?  

"Mac" Macario
COO / Regional Proving Grounds, LLC

With proper training you can enhance the safety of everyone.

Workplace Violence Training


a "chain of survival" for your work environment

 Recognize Early Warning Signs

 Bolster a Culture of Care

 Build or Expand Response Protocols


Active Threat Awareness/Simulation Training 

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Crisis Intervention Training Essentials focuses on the essentials of professional crisis response providing responders with field-proven de-escalation strategies and techniques to enhance crisis resolution. 

Active Threat Awareness/Simulation Training

Increase Awareness

Build Confidence

Leverage Teamwork

Enhance Communication & Safety

Establish a "Best Practice" for you and your organization